Swasthya Sathi Online Apply

Swasthya Sathi Online Apply 2023 -Most easy way to apply Swasthya Sathi card Online

Process for Swasthya Sathi Online Apply is very easy and simple. To Apply for Swasthya Sathi Card online the resident of Bengal has to fill the Form B available on Swasthya Sathi Scheme Official Website. FORM-B (Application for enrollment under Swasthya Sathi)

Swasthya Sathi Online Apply 2023

Know More about Swasthya Sathi scheme

How to apply Swasthya Sathi card Online

  1. Visit Swasthya Sathi Scheme’s official website
  2. From Drop down menu click Apply Online
  3. Click Online Application for Swasthya Sathi Card
  4. Provide your Mobile Number in the appropriate place and click the get OTP button
    • Put the OTP received in the proper place and submit.


  • Select the appropriate District from the list.
  • If you belong to Panchayat Area, choose your Block, Panchayat & Village name from the list
  • If you belong to Municipality Area,
  • choose your Municipality Name then choose your Ward NumberChoose the proper category you belong to from the list, SC / ST / OBC / Others
  • Fill up your Department Name If Employed
  • Fill up Office Name & Address If Applicant / Member is Employed
  • Fill up your Residential Address with PIN Code
  • Fill up the Name of the Applicant
  • Fill up the Head of the Family (HoF) Name
  • If Any Member of the family receive Govt. Sponsored Health Insurance / Assurance, choose the option from the list YES/ NO
  • If Any Member of the family receive Medical Allowance from Govt., choose the option from the list YES / NO
  • If Any Member of the family receive Medical Allowance from Private Institution, choose the option from the list YES /NO

6. Fill up the following carefully

  • Member Name: Fill up the full name of the member as per the AADHAR Card
  • Relationship: The First relationship is always the Beneficiary, the subsequent are: Spouse, Mother, Father, Child, Others
  • Age: Fill up the correct age as per records
  • Gender: Fill up the correct gender as per records
  • AADHAR Number: Fill up the correct AADHAR Number as per records
  • KHADYASATHI Ration Card Number: Fill up the correct Ration Card Number as per records
  • Employment Status of the Member: Fill up the correct Employment Status as per records
  • Mobile Number: Fill up the Working Mobile number for each member

7. And Finally Click The Submit Button for Swasthya Sathi Online Apply 2023

a) Please USE the EDIT button to update/change any of the information entered
b) Please USE the DELETE button to delete entire information for any member EXCEPT the Beneficiary
c) Please USE the ADD NEW MEMBER to enter the details for a new member addition
d) Note: All star-marked entries are mandatory to proceed further in filling the FORM

How to Check Swasthya Sathi Card Status Online?

After Swasthya Sathi Online Apply, you can check the status of your name added to the smart card after 7-10 days. Here are the steps to complete the Swasthya Sathi Card status check online:

  • Step 1: Go to the official Swasthya Sathi website https://swasthyasathi.gov.in/ 
  • Step 2: Select the ‘Find Your Name’ option present on the top menu bar. 
  • Step 3: Input your mobile number and select the ‘Yourself’ option from the drop-down menu. 
  • Step 4: Select your district name, municipality name, and other such information required on the page.
  • Step 5: Now, you must choose between the Aadhaar card number or the Khadya Sathi card number to check the Swasthya Sathi online card status.
  • Step 6: Input the correct Aadhaar or Khadya Sathi card number to know the status of your Swasthya Sathi card online.

What are the Eligibility Criteria For Swasthya Sathi Online Apply 2023

• You should be a permanent resident of West Bengal.
• You should not be enrolled under any other government health insurance scheme.
• The health cards shall be issued in the name of the eldest female member of the family.
• The beneficiary family will comprise the beneficiary, the spouse, parents of both spouses, sons of up to 18 years of age, and unmarried daughters of up to 21 years of age.
• No age limit is applicable to the dependent physically challenged member.

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