Payment of Salary/wages/pension Disbursement on account of ONAM festival & Ganpati Festivals (Aug-Sept 2023)

The Government of India, through the Ministry of Communication and the Department of Posts, has released an official notice (File No. 38-01/2013-PAP) addressed to the Chief Post Master Generals of Kerala Circle and Maharashtra Circle. The notice relates to the distribution of salaries, wages, and pensions to Central Government employees. For the month of August 2023, this concerns the ONAM festival in Kerala, and for the month of September 2023, it pertains to the Ganpati Festival in Maharashtra.

Payment of Salary/wages/pension on 25.08.2023 on account of the ONAM festival and on 27.09.2023 on account of the Ganapati Festival to the Postal Employees posted in Kerala and Maharashtra respectively.

File No. 38-01/2013-PAP (Computer No. 3128485)


F No.38-01/2013-PAP
Government of India,
Ministry of Communication
Department of Posts
(Establishment Division/PAP Section

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi – 110001
Date: 17th August, 2023.


The Chief Post Master General
Kerala Circle

The Chief Post Master General
Maharashtra Circle

Sub: Disbursement of Salary/wages/pension to the Central Government Employees in the State of Kerala for the month of August, 2023 on account of ONAM festival and in the state of Maharashtra for the month of September, 2023 on account of Ganpati Festival -Reg.

Madam/ Sir,

I am directed to forward herewith a copy of the OM No. 03002(2)/1 I2020/TA-I/(E-3001)/325 dated 44.08.2023, of the Office of the Controller General of Accounts, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, wherein the Central Government Offices have been requested to draw and disburse salary/wages/ pension in the Kerala State on 25.08.2023 on account of ONAM festival and in Maharashtra State on 27.09.2023 on account of GANPATI festival and to request you to cause to take necessary action in accordance with the instructions of the aforesaid instructions dated 14.08.2023.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

Ravi Pahwa
Assistant Director General (GDS/PCC/PAP)

Copy to:

  1. The Director of Accounts Postal, Thiruvananthapuram-695001
  2. The Director of P&T Audit, Thiruvananthapuram-695033
  3. The Finance Advice Section, Department of Post, Dak Bhawan,
    New Delhi.
  4. GM, CEPT for uploading the order on the India Post web site.
  5. The Director of Accounts Postal, Nagpur-440001
  6. The Director of P&T Audit, Mumbai-400051
  7. -9. The Guard files/the sanction file/the office copy.


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