7th CPC Pay Fixation Of Defence Service Officers And JCO/OR And Equivalent

7th CPC Pay Fixation of Defence Service Officers and JCO/OR and equivalent – Opportunity to re-exercise option under FR 22(1)(a)(I) under Date of next increment Rule 10 of Army/Air Force Pay Rules, Navy Pay Regulations and Rule 9 of Non-combatant of AF Rules

Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Department of Military Affairs

New Delhi, dated the 04 June, 2021


Subject: Date of next increment Rule10 of Army Officers and Air Force Officers Pay Rules, 2017; Regulation 10 of Navy Officers Pay Regulations, 2017; Rule 10 of Army, Air Force and Military Nursing Service Pay Rules, 2017; Regulation 10 of Navy Pay Regulation, 2017 and Rule 9 of the Non-Combatants (Enrolled) of Air Force Rules, 2017-regarding.

The undersigned is directed to invite attention to MoD OM No. 1(20)/2017/D(Pay/Services)-Part-1 dated 02.11.2020 on the above subject.

2.  Enclosed herewith is the Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Expenditure OM No. 4-21/2017-IC/E.IIIA dated 15.04.2021 and to say that the provisions contained therein, will be applicable mutatis-mutandis to the Defence Service Officers and JCO/OR and equivalent provided all the conditions and stipulations laid down therein are strictly fulfilled.

3. The employees to exercise/re exercise option for pay fixation as allowed under MoF OM dated 28.11.2019 with three months from date of issue of this OM.

4. All other conditions of MoD OM No. 1(20)/2017/D(Pay/Service)-Part-1 dated 02.11.2020 remain unchanged.

5. This issues with the approval of Finance Division of this Ministry vide its ID No. 1(8)/2017-AG/PA/Part 1/83 dated 04.06.2021.

Gp Capt
Director (Pay/Services)

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